The basic form of Monskey is a three dimensional figurine that, with creativity can be reinvented endlessly. It is our mission to stimulate imagination and creativity and bring people and crowd together.
All the same, yet all different!

Animation Series

Follow Mondo and his Monskey friends in the Monskey Animated series. Each Monskey is on its own little adventure and will encounter many friends and enemies along the way. No challenge is to hard for our little friends!

Monskey Maniacs

For all the creatives and designers in our realm, we’ve developed the Monskey Maniacs label.
Different than with our other productlabels,this label is the epiphany of creativity.

Monskey History

Who created Monskey is only known by the Ministry of Monskeys, but for some reason they won’t tell. What we do know is that everyone appreciates it’s shape.

All the same, yet always different.


Over the last couple of years, designers all over the world started creating new characters. Slowly but certain the concept grew stronger, drawing more attention in the designer scene.

Monskey mission

Our mission? Our primary goal isto inspire people to havefun at desiging Monskeys.

Whether you are a pro, wannabe or never-will-be designer, we want to provide you with the tools to express yourself through a Monskey design.


Designers from all over the world work on the global Monskey adventure. An enormous amount of designs and content has been produced so far. Some of them have been selected for special concepts and projects. 
Available for licensing in several branches. Looking for a cool, trending topic license that fits different target groups ?

Please contact us for the Monskey™ and Monskey Mananiacs ™ style guide and possibilities in your product group and territory

Retail/Sales Promotion

European & Global Licensing BV develops and manufactures all figurine products in house.
 Available trough our international distributors network and direct sales for retailers and sales promotion / loyalty purposes.

Please contact us for possibilities for Monskey Playground Gamez™ and Meet the Monskeys™


Monskey™ is an international project established by a group of creative, artistic, technical and business partners, based on a well defined long term strategy. Every development phase is funded through private, seed or equity capital.
 Monskey™ offers investor a well embedded brand strategy with the possibility of (very) high ROI.

Interested? Please contact headquarters in Holland.

Headquarters Address

European & Global Licensing BV
Hoekeindseweg 81
2665 KB Bleiswijk
The Netherlands

Contact details

Phone: +31 10 529 88 24

Vision Products LTD
Kung Yip street
Hong Kong


Germany, Austria, Swiss

Monskey DACH BV
Bavariafilmplatz 7
82031 München/Grünwald

Greece, Cyprus

Partner Plus
30. VAS Constantinou
11635 Athens

Middle East


Latin America

Ricardo Pacheco