Meet the Monskeys

They are all the same, yet all different! The monskeys! These friendly figures go on some crazy adventures where friendship, courage and creativity take the main lead. Just like people, Monskeys are all the same shape, but each Monskey is unique; they all have their own design, characteristics and powers with which they take a unique role. All for the better and joy of the earth! .

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Animation Series

Our one-eyed friend is our hero Mondo. He watches the earth from his spaceship and enjoys the view through his giant telescope. Unfortunately it’s not all beauty that he sees; bad guys are always trying to destroy that we all love; our precious earth. Mondo gets into action and searches for his friends to solve the problems he spots. All his Monskey friends have their own funny names, characteristics and personal adventures and challenges. Together they take care that the earth stays a happy and beautiful place to live.


Meet our Monskey Friends
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24 Monskeys

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